Parenting Education & Life Skills

You’re having a baby! Birth Choice is here to prepare you for what lies ahead on your parenting journey through our Earn While You Learn Program.

As expectant and new parents, this program will empower you with life skills, equipping you to be the best parent you can be. Parenting mentors provide education (in person or virtually) where points can be earned for items your baby will need.

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Parenting Education

Once points are earned, you can use them as currency to shop for needed baby items!

Parenting Skills

Classes Available:

Offered in Both English and Spanish
     ● Pregnancy and Childbirth
     ● Baby’s First Year
     ● Toddler Care
     ● Being A Father
     ● One Heart, Two Homes

Offered in English Only
     ● Parenting
     ● Life Skills
     ● Love Lessons
     ● Special Circumstances
     ● Positive Partnerships
     ● Bible Study

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